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Welcome to LPCware.com! At LPCware.com, you can communicate with other developers that have similar interests using NXP LPC devices. There are also many other resources for getting you up and running with your new hardware.

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lpc15xx Downloads LPC15xx Bug Tracker faq
lpc800 Downloads lpc800 faq
lpc43xx Downloads lpc43xx faq
lpc18xx Downloads lpc18xx faq
lpc177x_8x Downloads lpc17xx faq
lpc407x_8x Downloads lpc407x_8x faq
lpc175x_6x Downloads lpc17xx faq
lpc13xx Downloads lpc13xx faq
lpc11xx Downloads lpc11xx faq
lpc1100LV Downloads lpc11xx faq
lpc11Axx Downloads lpc11xx faq
lpc11Cxx Downloads lpc11xx faq
lpc11Dxx Downloads LPCOpen Software Development Platform for NXP LPC Microcontrollers lpc11xx faq
lpc11Exx Downloads lpc11xx faq
lpc11Uxx Downloads lpc11xx faq
lpc12xx Downloads lpc12xx faq
lpc12Dxx Downloads lpc12xx faq
lpc2000 Downloads lpc2000 faq
lpc313x/4x/5x Downloads Software Encryption for NXP ARM Microcontrollers lpc313x faq
lpc3180 Downloads usb faq
lpc32xx Downloads lpc32xx faq
em773 Downloads misc faq
8-bit Legacy Downloads misc faq