GPIO PCA9538 Sample Code

PCA9538 is 8-bit I2C-bus and SM Bus low power I/O port with interrupt and reset. This sample code demonstrate how to configure all the 8 bit GPIO as output, then send out series data to drive the 8 pcs LEDs as Marquee effect

LCD Driver PCF2119 Sample Code

The PCF2119x is a low power CMOS LCD controller and driver, designed to drive a dot matrix LCD display of 2-lines by 16 characters or 1-line by 32 characters with 5x8 dot format. These sample code demonstrate how to configure the display method and operating mode of PCF2119 , and how to show the character on built-in character set, also how to generate User-Defined charaters and show on the screen.Example for the message: "NXP" "2014 WELCOME" "yours coming" .Customized big chinese character:"新年" "快乐".

LCD Driver PCF8576D Sample Code

The PCF8576D is a Universal LCD driver for low multiplex rates, which could generates the drive signals for any static or multiplexed LCD containing up to four backplanes and up to 40 segments .This sample code demonstrate how to configure the display and operating mode of PCF8576D, also how to light on the relative segments to show “2014” on NXP OM6290 demo board.

LED dimmer PCA9531 Sample Code

The PCA9531 is an 8-bit I2C & SMBus I/O expander optimized for dimming LEDs in 256 discrete steps for Red/Green/Blue (RGB) color mixing and back light applications .This sample code demonstrate how to modify the LED brightness by change the duty cycle in PWM register.
And make the 8 pcs LEDs light on and eliminate gradually. So realize the function of flowing water light.

activation code after change laptop and os from winxp to win 7

After changed PC and OS from winxp to win7 ,how do I get a new activation code for lpc ide 6.0.2?

LPCOpen topic forums online

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LPCOpen forums are now online -

LPC11Uxx kkeyboard host c code (library or example)

i want lpc11uxx usb keyboard host c code. I am unable to find it please give me code or its link.

LPC15XX LPCOpen v2.xx packages released

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The LPC15xx LPCOpen v2.xx release is now available. This package adds support for the LPC15xx family of device and has support for the following boards:

  • LPCXpresso LPC1549 board

The packages can be downloaded here.

LPC usages etc...

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Been working with the LPC2000 series for about 8 years now.

Now using the LPC2366 and LPC1766 and we are using an M0 LPC11... part as well.

Present issues have to do with trying to find out where the code is sitting at causing a WDT timeout reset.
A WD interrupt has been created but so far the uninitialized RAM is evidently being corrupted so we can't
see the real address of the offending area of code (LR register)




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