Frame Video Player on LPC1788

The attached project for the Embedded Artists board was created as a test of the bandwidth of SDRAM/MCI/AHB bus.

As a gimmick we made this a simple video player: Uncompressed video frames (bitmaps) and uncompressed audio are stored on an SD card. Both video and audio are continuously transferred to SDRAM via DMA. Video frames are then displayed on a TFT screen, and audio is sent via DMA to an external stereo audio DAC on I2S.

The application supports the QVGA (320x240) and WVGA (800x480) TFT boards of Embedded Artists.

With the 800x480 7" WVGA board, the TFT refresh rate is 65 Hz, and the average read speed of the SD card is 7.6 MiB/s, an impressive demonstration of the high bandwidth capabilty of the LPC1788 bus system and peripherals.

framevideo.zip7.29 MB
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Is any body tested it? Please

Is any body tested it? Please be nice, comment the results here. After all this is forum, got to help each other.
Any how guys i have EA board bought two years back, good chance to test it, i am going to post the result here ....thanks.

It is useful to me.I using

It is useful to me.I using LPC1788 in my project,but the SDRAM does not work's usually bus fault.What should I do ? look forward your prompt reply,thanks

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this buddy, i would love to test this on my Embedded Artist board. Since i bougth this board, i hardly got time to explore it. I think this is going to be very exiting to run a video on LPC1788...thanks!