Smartphone Quick-Jack solution

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NXP Smartphone Quick-Jack Solution

Transform the audio jack of a smartphone into a multi-purpose, self-powered data port. This hardware/software platform, designed for use with iPhone® and Android® smartphones, is the simplest way to design compact sensor peripherals that use the phone’s audio jack for data and power. Whether you are a Smartphone App Developer looking for an easy way to add cool context-aware features to your next app or an End product designer looking for simple way to Monitor or control sensors, the new NXP Smarphone Quick-Jack solution will make it easy to connect external devices to smartphones for self-powered data communications. It gives smartphones app developers an easy way to add context-aware app features, input user or environment data, or connect peripherals and provides end-product designers instant access to smartphones’ convenience, appealing UI, and cloud connectivity, with unmatched simplicity for endless applications.

 Smartphone Quick-Jack Solution Block Diagram


The current version of the OM13069 Quick-Jack solution has been tested with the following devices:

• iOS: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S
• Android: Samsung Galaxy S3.

It is not guaranteed to work with other devices.

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