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How to invoke ISP mode on the LPCXpresso LPC812 board

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This blog describes how to invoke ISP mode on the LPCXpresso LPC812 board.

Need the following:
LPCXpresso LPC812 Board
Flash Magic V 7.0 or later (
Use FTDI cable: C232HD-DDHSP-0

J7 LPCXpresso board -> FTDI Cable
J7.3 -> Red
J7.4 -> Orange
J7.5 -> Yellow
J7.8 -> Connect to GND (for ISP Enable)
FTDI Black wire connect to ground

Jumper for ISP pin to GND to enable ISP mode
Power board via USB connector on the Link-I side.
Start Flash Magic. Now it should be possible to read the device ID and more!

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