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JLINK, ULINK or ULINKme connection to LPC800 LPCXpresso board

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NXP recently announced the LPC800, a small pin count family of parts with a neat set of serial peripherals and a Cortex M0+ core.

The LPCXpresso evaluation board was also announced, it has the LPC812 20pin TSSOP device mounted. The board schematics can be found here

Of course native support for the family is already in place in the LPCXpresso IDE (

However some users may want to use their existing debug hardware such as ULINKme or JLINK to connect to the part.

Connection of Keil’s ULINKme is as easy as long as you have the 10pin cable!

For Segger’s JLINK there is a simple ‘trick’ required to get going. On the LPCXpresso board simply connect J4.11 to 3.3V available on J6.28. This forces the part out of reset state.

To get the ULINK2 to work a low value resistor is required on the LPCXpresso board. R29, connected to pin 1 of J5, the 10-pin JTAG header. This is not populated on any Xpresso board. If the user adds a low ohm resistor to Vdd (3.3v), then ULINK2 will work. The other option is to pop open the ULINK2 and switch the jumper (to provide target power via the probe) in the ULINK2. In some cases the jumper inside the ULINK2 may already be in the correct position.

JLINK connection to LPC800 LPCXpresso board
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This might be an issue with

This might be an issue with MDK.
Apparently version 4.60 does not recognize all SW-DP Ids.
Segger has posted an update for it here:

Hi, I used JLINK Commander to

Hi, I used JLINK Commander to verify the connection (Not MDK). My setup is JLINKpro with DLL 4.56d.

Make sure you also power the board via the LPC_LINK USB connector, J3.

The issue you are seeing is likely to be Keil MDK related and the associated JLINK drivers IN that installation.

I connect the j-link as you

I connect the j-link as you do,but i fail to find the core of the MCU.
I use the version of the keil is 4.60 and j-link driver is J-link ARM V4.58a, I cann't detect the core of LPC800.

Can you give me some advice?Thank you !