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Flexible camera interface

Flexible camera solution Block Diagram

Flexible camera interface

Use this complete design example to add image-based features to your application. The unique camera-to-MCU connection eliminates the need for a dedicated camera interface and supports any clocked parallel camera module.

This camera-in-a-box design example, built around a powerful NXP LPC1857 MCU, provides everything needed to add entry-level camera functionality to an application.
Developers can use the design example to create a wide range of imaging-related features. In the consumer segment, they can use it to capture images and devices that support face detection. In the security segment, they can add imaging for use in biometric authentication, doorbell cameras, or camera-based detection of fire or smoke. And in industrial and manufacturing environments, developers can use the camera function to enable automated inspection, part sorting and identification, barcode reading and verification, and quality-assurance functions such as detecting flaws, defects, or missing parts.

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