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Blue River Parking System

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Download Massimo Manca's whitepaper, "Cortex-M4/M0 Cooperating Blue River Parking Meter." (PDF)

Example application for the "LPC4300 Getting started Kit" to learn and to use the multi processor communication and the newest peripherals of LPC43xx MCU family.

System resources used and assignment to the cores:

  • The Cortex-M4 core handles the application logic, manages the 4 touch keys and 4 leds (via the PCA9502 I2C 8 bit I7O expander), the lcd display and the real time clock.
  • The Cortex-M0 core is dedicated to the printer management using the RS232 on board interface (in near future SCT and SGPIO will be used to interface a thermal printing head).
  • The cores communicates using inter processor communication mechanisms minimizing the data passed from M4 to M0 and providing a simple security mechanism.




Massimo Manca Founder/Principal, Micron Engineering started to develop embedded systems in 1987 using Motorola 6805, 6809, and Hitachi 6301 microcontrollers as the central control unit to drive minilabs and photofinishing machines made by Gretag San Marco and San Marco Imaging. He started Micron Engineering in 1995 to sell R&D services and to consulting about embedded systems development to small- and medium-size companies. In the last 20 years he has worked with more then 30 different microcontroller families, designing photographic equipment, minilabs, thermocontrollers, white goods, small appliances, automotive electronics, weighing scales, small medical systems, data converters, variable message signs (for traffic control systems), portable terminals, and a lot of other disparate applications. He is an NXP partner and a Renesas Alliance partner. He works and lives in Pordenone a little city in the north east region of Italy about 80 km east of Venice.






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