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NXP has introduced its next-generation family of low-power, multi-market MCUs – the LPC5411x. With today’s introduction, NXP extends its LPC54000 series of MCUs with improved power efficiency, a host of serial peripherals, flexible run-modes, autonomous operations when the CPU is not active and voice-detection DSP hardware.

The LPC5411x MCU family finds the right balance between power efficiency and feature integration for consumer and industrial applications that require low-power, always-on processing. This includes applications in gaming, USB accessories, healthcare devices, patient monitoring, IoT, as well as building automation.

LPC5411x MCUs feature the ARM® Cortex®-M4, which has an active mode current of 80 µA/MHz. With an industry-leading dual-core option, the LPC5411x MCU can shut down the Cortex®-M4 for a tiered power approach and use the Cortex®-M0+ to perform less taxing tasks, achieving an even lower active mode of 60 µA/MHz.

The family includes up to 256KB of Flash and 192KB of SRAM. This large amount of SRAM provides designers with ample space for stacks or data buffering as well as running large programs in SRAM to save power even further. The dedicated on-chip DMIC subsystem dramatically reduces power required for voice input and processing, achieving the stringent power efficiencies required to support always-on features in battery operated products. The LPC5411x family does not compromise fast wake-up time to achieve low power. It can wake up from all power-down modes quickly and starts processing immediately.

Other embedded features include crystal-less full speed USB, a 5 Msps 12-bit 12-channel ADC, CRC engine, 8 serial communication blocks (each configurable as an USART, SPI or I2C), two I2S and a single-cycle multiplier for the Cortex-M0+.

User Manuals and Data Sheets
Title Updated date File version NXP verified All terms
LPC5411x Errata Sheet 2016-02-24 15:48 Rev 1.1 YES document, errata
LPC5411x Data Sheet 2016-03-30 14:08 Rev 1.3 YES document, datasheet
LPC5411x User manual 2016-02-22 16:21 Rev 1.0 YES document, user guide
LPC54114 Audio and Voice Recognition Kit (OM13090) User Manual 2016-02-26 07:20 Version 1.0 YES user guide
LPCXpresso54114 (OM13089) Manual 2016-02-26 07:19 Version 1.0 YES user guide
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