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After a software reset like WD reset, BOD reset, is the SRAM content retained?

Yes. In case of a software reset like WD reset, BOD reset etc, the SRAM contents (memory address 0x1000 0000 to 0x1000 2000 in case of LPC1227 ) is retained. However, the part won't retain the contents if it goes to deep power-down mode or if the microcontrollers is unpowered.

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I test the LPC1225FBD48/321,a

I test the LPC1225FBD48/321,after a WD reset all the SRAM data is 0,why?the address is 0x1000 0200, I test it in KEIL.
It is important to my program,after the WD reset, or soft reset the SRAM data should retain unchanged to keep the output steady.