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Red Probe+ support

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What is Red Probe+?

Red Probe+ is a debug probe designed and sold by Code Red Technologies before their acquisition by NXP.  It was designed explicitly for use with Code Red's "Red Suite" IDE, as well as the LPCXpresso IDE (v5 and earlier).

Red Probe+ is no longer being developed or sold by NXP.

Can I use Red Probe+ with LPCXpresso IDE v6 and later ?

Although the LPCXpresso IDE will for the moment continue to support the use of Red Probe+ at the current level, there is no new functionality or new NXP MCU support planned for Red Probe+.  

Note that SWO trace using Red Probe+ ("Red Trace") will no longer be supported after LPCXpresso IDE v8.0, although normal debug functionality can still be used.

Is Red Probe+ still available?

As of September 2014, a small number of Red Probe+ units are still available. These can be obtained from Embedded Artists on a first come, first served, and no support / no warranty basis. To enquire about remaining Red Probe+ availability, you can contact Embedded Artists via

Note that these are the last Red Probe+ units that will be available. We would recommend that such purchases are only considered by customers who are already familiar with the product. 


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