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Is it possible to download the device files for lpcUSBLib?

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I am using

This has the host files for lpcUSBLib in the example code. For USB device the examples use the version in the ROM, but I want to use the lpcUSBLib to control both a host and a device port.

Looking around I don't see a download for the complete lpcUSBLib with both host and device files. Have I missed it on the site?

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Joined: 2015-07-01
Posts: 8

I am wondering why lpcopen looks nothing like lpcUSBLib as demonstrated in this seminar video:

When I follow the link given in the video it states on that page "The nxpUSBlib software package is now obsoleted by the new LPCOpen Platform".

I have downloaded several of the lpcopen packages and none seem to have the full lpcUSBLib as demonstrated in that video.

I am also concerned that turning on the compiler optimization has broken lpcUSBLib 0.98 in the past, as mentioned in this link:

The code savings mentioned in the video would be lost if I have to compile using no optimization.

I have tried the mass storage example in a LPC4357 and it failed to work reliably. I found one clear bug as I discussed here: I am now wondering if using /O1 in the compiler is breaking lpcUSBLib code in the example. Unfortunately it is difficult to test as my application will not fit into flash with optimization off so it would take some work.

I am trying to decide if it is possible to ship code from LPCOpen and the included lpcUSBLib in a production application. It seems that the code may be too buggy to use except in small demo situations. I see other reports in these forums that mirror my own problems.

Are there people successfully shipping production code using LPCOpen and USB? Does it require significant effort to debug the LPCOpen code?