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LPCUSBLIB Stuck in infinite loop inside Pipe_WaitUntilReady

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After porting the example contained in "lpcusblib_MassStorageHost" in lpcopen, with debug macro "LPCUSBlib_DEBUG" turned on, my processor gets stuck in an infinite loop inside of Pipe_WaitUntilReady.

My Setup:
Chip: LPC4357
USB Mass Storage on USB1
C++ project (directly compiling in lpcusblib, NO static library dependencies -- issues have been raised in the forums about how the IDE reports syntax errors in the LPCUSBLIB source code, but still compiles)

Debug console output:

Device Attached on port 1

Mass Storage Device Enumerated.
        .../lpcusblib/Drivers/USB/Core/HCD/EHCI/EHCI.c: 336
        Evaluated HCD_STATUS = 31
        .../lpcusblib/Drivers/USB/Core/HCD/EHCI/EHCI.c: 379
        Evaluated HCD_STATUS = 31
HcdGetPipeStatus... (repeated infinitely)


I have absolutely no idea why the pipe handle comes back as invalid. I am using RAM5 as my USBRAM_SECTION which aliases to RamAHB32, and nothing else in my project is using this bank. Has anyone run into a situation like this before and can offer some help?

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I ran into the same problem with the LPCUSBlib_MassStorageHost example on a LPC4357 as well. I have not yet found a solution sadly.

In my case I could insert a flash drive into USB1 and read/write files on it. My problem was when I unplugged the flash drive and then re-inserted it. The code would get stuck in an infinite loop as you say.

I've been unable to work on it again until now.

here is a link to my original post:

Joined: 2013-12-02
Posts: 35

Thanks for the info iemc. I'll update this thread if I find a solution.