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USB ROM API - How to deinit USB ROM Code?

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In my application I can send a command over USB and then my application will jump to my bootloader. In my bootloader I also want to be able to receive commands over USB, but I can´t get it working this way.

I have a bootloader which can receive commands over USB (this works without flaws). The bootloader jumps to my application and there I can also receive commands over USB.
But when I then jump from my application to my bootloader, USB wont work anymore. Windows reports me an USB device which is not identified.

So every part of my bootloader works if I jump from my application back to it, but not USB. USB is working when I power up my device and the bootloader first starts.

So I think that I miss something when deiniting USB when I jump from my application to my bootloader. Although it seems it doesn´t matter when jumping from bootloader to application as USB there is working.

Does anyone have an idea what´s wrong? Has anyone implemented USB in his bootloader and also in his application?

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