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LPC USB Serial I/O Library

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The download page contains LPCUSBSIO user manual (libusbsio_vX_YY.pdf), binary package( and source package(

  • libusbsio_vX_YY.pdf: User manual for LPCUSBSIO library. Contains overview, quick start guide and API reference to develop host applications.
  • The binary package contains pre-built libraries, dlls, firmware and test applications for users who are interested in developing host application using LPCUSBSIO without getting into details of LPCUSBSIO.
    • To flash pre-built firmware binaries into corresponding boards
      • Set the board in USB ISP boot mode and connect the board to host machine.
      • The board should appear as mass storage device. 
      • Delete firmware.bin file present on the storage device.
      • Copy the firmware binary file (present in bin/<chip name>/iflash_<board name>.bin) to the storage device.
      • Power cycle the board.
  • The source package contains source code required to build host side libraries (libs & dll) and applications. Source code of firmware is distributed as an example located at lpcopen\applications\\examples\usbd_rom\usbd_rom_hid_i2c inside LPCOpen_V2 package for the corresponding chip series. Note, source package is not needed if you are devloping host application; use binary package instead.
    • To re-build library on Windows machine use lpcopen\hosttools\lpcusbsio\vsproj\lpcusbsio.sln. These project files are created using Visual Studio Express 2013.
    • To re-build library on OSx and Linux machines use makefile present in lpcopen\hosttools\lpcusbsio directory.

Release Notes

Version 1.00

  • Initial release
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