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LPC43XX Dual Core Examples

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LPC43XX Dual Core Examples


This page contains the LPC43XX Dual Core examples. These examples showcases the SW components provided with the NXP LPC43XX MCU

LPC43XX Dual Core Framework

The LPC43XX Dual Core examples will be implemented as a framework (similar to nxpUSBlib releases). The LPC43XX Dual core framework will have 

  •    Library components - Exports the functionalities as libraries (*.lib) for the applications 
  •    Example applications - Example applications using the Library components

 The following Library components will be present in LPC43XX Dual Core Framework:

  •     NXP USBLIB library version0.95 
  •     FreeRTOS version 7.1.0 
  •     Inter Processor Communication library  
  •     Board Support Package (BSP) Library 
  •     Component Driver Library (CDL)

  The LPC43XX Dual Core examples are configurable. The functionalities can be configured to have Cortex-M4 or Cortex-M0 cores of LPC43XX. 

LPC43XX Dual Core Examples Releases

The first version 0.1 of the LPC43XX Dual Core Examples is released.

Please find more information on the this release here