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LPCXpresso Link2 USB driver package

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lpc_driver_setup.exe9.55 MB
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This is the Windows driver package for the Link 2 firmware used with LPCXpresso V2 and V3 boards. These drivers provide the necessary system support for CMSIS-DAP, VCOM, and the GPIO/I2C/SPI bridges.

Release history


Removed un-necessary files that were installed as part of v2.01

Removed conditional checks - all drivers are installed on all machines (ARM, 32-bit, 64-bit, all OSes), but not all are installed

File restructuring and installer cleanup


Fixed an issue where the VCOM driver in this package would not be used if an older package installed it first

Several more drivers installed with this installer. Some other applications can now use this single installer.


Internal release only, not released publicly


Fix an issue with the VCOM driver not enumerating correctly. Tested on Win7x64, WIn8x64, and WinXP (emulated) platforms.


Installer update only - publisher verificaiton


Initial release