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Segger emWin 5.22 Libraries with Hardware Floating point for NXP M4 MCUs

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NXP_emWin522_M4_HW_FP_libraries.zip6.39 MB
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These emWin library files were built using:

- arm-none-eabi-gcc gcc version 4.6.2 (LPCXPresso 6.1.0 by Code Red).
- IAR ANSI C/C++ Compiler V6.60.1.5140/W32 for ARM
Copyright 1999-2012 IAR Systems AB.
- ARM C/C++ Compiler, MDK-ARM
- Visual C++ 2010 Express edition

There is one set of library files for Cortex M4.

Library files that include '_d5' are built with GUI_DEBUG_LEVEL=5. Linking with these libraries will cause diagnostic messages for log entries, warnings, and entries to be produced.
The file GUI_Debug.h contains a description of these debug levels.
These libraries contain emWin version 5.22. You can also get emwin version using below function call


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