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emWin Graphics Library

emWin iconSegger emWin Graphics Library for NXP MCUs

What is the emWin library?

The high performance emWin embedded graphics library developed by SEGGER Microcontroller is now offered by NXP Semiconductors in library form for free commercial use with NXP microcontrollers. The software bundle offered by NXP includes the emWin Color basic package, the Window Manager/Widgets module including the GUIBuilder, the Memory Devices module for flicker-free animation, the Antialiasing module for smooth display of curves, lines and fonts, the Font Converter and the VNC Server. See detailed componenent information below.  

  • emWin Color basic package  
         Basic fonts charset ISO 8859-1 
         Analog touch screen and mouse support 
         Multilayer/multidisplay support 
         Supports b/w, grayscale and color displays
  • Window manager/ Widgets 
  • Memory device module 
  • Anti-aliasing module 
  • VNC server 
  • Bitmap converter 
  • Font converter 
  • Windows-based simulation environment 
  • GUI-Builder 
What are the Limitations?

The full license agreement is included in every installer, but there are essentially no limitations on the use of emWin with NXP MCUs.  The only restriction is that the emWin library is provided solely in object code ("library") format.  Customers may use these libraries on NXP MCUs free of charge (without royalty or additional license fees), for both personal and commercial development.  As part of the licensing agreement with Segger, the source code for emWin can not be provided, but if you require the original source code for your own project, Segger offers special pricing for NXP customer's when upgrading from the NXP emWin library.

Pre-Compiled Libraries

The following libraries are provided for use with any current NXP ARM MCU, including the ARM Cortex M4, Cortex M3, Cortex M0/M0+, ARM7 and ARM9.  These object code libraries serve as the starting point to porting emWin to your own HW. Library is complied for multitasking(GUI_OS=1) with maximum number of tasks equal to four (GUI_MAXTASK = 4).

The emWin documentation includes a chapter on porting emWin to a new platform, and you can use one of the Board Support Packages below as a starting point, or reference any up-to-date demo BSP on Segger's website (see Related Resources below)

Board Support Packages (BSPs)

To facilitate using emWin and porting it to your HW platform, NXP provides the following BSPs.  As new BSPs are added they will be included in the list here:


Every BSP includes the official emWin documentation in the \doc folder, but for convenience sake it is also made available here on

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Alternative Solutions

If you are looking for a lighter-weight, basic graphics library, you may also be interested SWIM, a free Graphics library produced and provided by NXP.


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