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Keil build instructions

To build a project for Keil, select the uvproj file for the example you want to build and deploy. The project will open up in the Keil uVision4 IDE.

For the project, select the build variant you want to build.

Press F7 to start the build.

The image can be programmed into the board's internal FLASH (if it's a FLASH image) using the Flash menu and selecting Download.

Optionally, you can download and debug the program using the Debug menu and selecting "Start/stop debug session".

Note you need a Keil ULINK JTAG/SWD debugger to debug or download code.

If you get an error attempting to program FLASH, check that the FLASH algorithm selected for the device is correct by selecting the FLASH menu and then selecting the Settings box. On the Flash Target driver setup display, select the LPC17xx IAP 256K Flash algorithm for programming.

If a debugger isn't available, you can use Flash Magic with the created hex file to burn the image into the board. Before attempting to run Flash Magic, make sure the LPC17xx device is in ISP mode by holding down the SW6 while pressing and releasing the reset button.

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