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LPC Motor Control Library (nxpMClib)

The NXP motor control library (nxpMClib) supports various types of motor control for the Cortex-M family. Built on CMSIS2.0 math and DSPLIB. Supported by motor control GUI with selection for each supported type. Includes real time data view comm library. Currently available examples:
  • lpc18xx/43xx FOC dual shunt

Watch this Video of the FOC implementation: Video Field Oriented Control on the NXP LPC1800 Microcontroller

Library layers
The motor control library is separated in four layers. The bottom layer contains the peripheral drivers. On top of the driver layer is a generic collection of control algorithms to drive the peripherals. On top of that resides the layer that defines the motor control type and contains the state machines to drive the specific type. Finally there is the application layer that determines the interfaces to the library and initializes the application specific motor control type, peripheral setup and interconnection.

 MClib layers


Get the latest software package including the library, example code, the tool installer and documentation:

NXP Motor Control Library download page







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