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Power Measurement Tool

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The Power Measurement Tool enables you to visualize the current usage of the LPCXpresso54102 board from within the LPCXpresso IDE (v7.7.2 or later). It is able to capture a burst of samples of either the target current usage, the target supply voltage or the shield current at up to 200ksps. This information is displayed in a graph and can be exported for further analysis. The average values of the collected data can also be displayed.

The Power Measurement Tool is currently provided as a beta release, and feedback is welcome via the LPCware forums.

Use with third party toolchains
Although the Power Measurement Tool is supplied built in LPCXpresso IDE, there is no requirement to be developing and debugging your application using LPCXpresso IDE. Thus the tool can also be accessed by users of third party toolchains, such as Keil or IAR, if the LPCXpresso54102 has had a special build of CMSIS-DAP debug probe firmware installed into it by the LPCXpresso IDE.